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Your Partner in Supply Chain and Logistics Excellence

Traidant is a IT consultancy firm specializing in supply chain and logistics. We are committed to helping businesses achieve excellence in their supply chain and logistics operations. With a strong focus on SAP solutions and a deep partnership with ShipERP, we provide end-to-end implementations and consultancy services to enhance your digital logistical environment. 

Our Story

Traidant was founded in 2018 with a clear vision: to empower businesses of all sizes across the globe to optimize their supply chain and logistics processes. Our journey began with a small but dedicated team of professionals with a background in supply chain and logistics. Today, we’ve grown to a company of seven individuals, each driven by a passion for innovation and excellence.

Our Mission

Our mission at Traidant is simple yet powerful: to enhance the digital logistical environment and improve the user experience of our customers. We understand that a well-structured and efficient supply chain can be a key competitive advantage. By offering SAP solutions and ShipERP integrations, we aim to streamline your operations, reduce costs, and ultimately drive customer satisfaction.

Our Expertise

Traidant specializes in a range of solutions, from SAP ERP implementations to SAP SCM, ShipERP integrations, SAP EWM, SAP TM, and SAP Global Trade Management. Our team of dedicated business consultants combines industry expertise with technology know-how to tailor solutions to your unique needs.

Our Global Presence

We’re proud to serve clients across the EMEA, Asia, and the United States. Our global reach allows us to help businesses in various regions optimize their supply chain processes and achieve their logistical goals.

Our Partnerships

At Traidant, we believe in the strength of partnerships. We are an advisory member of the VNSG and an EU partner of ShipERP, demonstrating our commitment to staying at the forefront of industry innovations.

Why Choose Traidant?

Our customer-centric approach is at the core of everything we do. Your success is our priority. We work closely with you to deliver SAP and ShipERP solutions that meet your unique needs and exceed your expectations. Whether you’re looking to optimize your shipping processes, enhance your warehouse efficiency, or streamline your transportation management, Traidant is here to guide you every step of the way.

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