SupplierPORTAL™ Supplier Portal module

SupplierPortal offers excellent visibility, reduced transportation costs, and a perfect collaboration with suppliers.

SupplierPortal is a web portal solution that allows vendors to view assigned orders using a web browser or mobile device. By accessing the portal, the provider can search for or view purchase orders, provide acknowledgments, confirm delivery dates, generate shipping notifications, and even generate incoming deliveries.
By using SupplierPortal, companies can standardize a process that will be followed by all vendors. This standardization contributes to effective collaboration between trading partners, provides greater visibility and helps control transportation costs.

SupplierPortal interacts with SAP in real time to update purchase orders with vendor information. The process is therefore simplified, and the organization can track all events related to the expedition.

Key Features

  • Access to the SAP system from any web browser
  • Creation of shipment with carrier
  • Determination of the carrier based on business rules
  • Supplier able to view assigned purchase orders
  • Shipping info added by supplier - estimated delivery date, weight and size
  • Purchase order acknowledgment feature
  • Generation of a shipping notification and creation of an incoming delivery
  • Tracking and proof of delivery can be seen in inbound delivery (VL33N)