ShipSTM™ Shipping Transportation Management

Information keeps today’s supply chains running, and smart technology is driving the speed and accuracy of data. The ShipSTM™ solution provides a wealth of information.
It has never been easier than using ShipSTM™ to plan efficient shipments and transportation solutions.
Thanks to its integration within ShipERP™, the electronic connectivity with carriers, freight forwarders and logistics providers are included to easily process the shipments.

To further compliment the planning and transportation solution offerings in ShipSTM™, the solution is designed around a planning and transportation cockpit functionality which brings all functionality into a centrally managed screen hence eliminating multiple user screens and increases productivity. 
The cockpit offers to companies the capability to consolidate shipments, packing, freight rating, transportation bid process, managing haulage, digital signature, and shipment closure process which includes printing of all required documentation based on origin to destination.

Key Features

  • Multi-Modal capabilities
  • Haulage determination and leg/stage modification capabilities
  • Freight rating integration in planning and transportation
  • Planning deliveries
  • Delivery staging
  • Shipment consolidation
  • Freight cost consolidation