ShipDPS™ Denied Parties Screening module

ShipDPS™ is fully integrated within SAP. This interface provides the capability to determine a denied party at Sales Order creation in SAP. This prevents the wasted process, labor and time to check further downstream in your logistics flow and then only to stop the shipment. If there is a long lead time from Sales Order to physical shipment then a secondary screening can be done at Delivery Order creation. The ShipDPS™ solution will execute a “Delivery Block” for a shipment to any receiving party that matches to the “Denied Party Lists”.

The screening process is done against all identified parties/entities to the shipment and any related subsidiary and parent companies that are affiliated. A detailed reason for the denial is also indicated as part of the review against these listing

Key Features

  • Prevention of shipping based on screening checks
  • Detail listing of reason for denial of shipment
  • Integration at sales order & delivery level
  • Native SAP Integration