CarrierPORTAL™ Carrrier Portal module

Do you have challenges with the poor digital capabilities of your shipping carriers?
Then CarrierPortal™ is what you need!

CarrierPortal is the solution that enhances shipment visibility and transparency. All your different shipping carriers will be able to see shipments assigned to them using a web browser or a mobile device. For you, as shipper, a positive element is you will be integrated and will be able to follow your carriers continuously.
By login into this web browser, the carrier will have the option to assign drivers to the shipment, share real-time tracking statuses (Pickup, In transit, Delivered, etc.), and even ask the customer to sign when the shipment is delivered.
This solution means no more paper for your shipping documents. Everything will be digital, even the end-client signature and the proof of delivery. All the statuses will be real-time updated within SAP, which means for your teams, they will be able to get the information they need, whenever they need it.

Key Features

  • Carrier can access into SAP system via a web browser and a login
  • Carrier can view deliveries assigned and share tracking statuses (Pickup, In transit, Delivery)
  • Carrier delivery confirmation functionality
  • Shipper can access ShipERP™ interface via a web browser to create or cancel shipment, track & trace deliveries, etc.
  • Mobile integration capabilities
  • Auto updates in SAP delivery with digital signature