AuditERP™ Freight Auditing module

Why delegate to external companies the management of your freight audit?

Companies unnecessarily outsource their freight audit function because of the perceived complexity of the process.

With an adapted audit tool, complex fluctuations in transportation costs become easy to reconcile, information is accurate, and it eliminates the risk of error and complexity.

By comparing electronically transmitted or manually downloaded invoices with shipping data stored in ShipERP™, AuditERP™ provides an integrated process in SAP to reconcile and pay your transport invoices.

The solution provides a set of tools to monitor and control transportation costs such as online transportation costs, weight surcharges, surcharges, fuel surcharges and drayage charges to name a few.
With AuditERP™ as part of your logistics management process, you will have full visibility of your logistics costs and the ability to make the most of your transportation resources.

Key Features

  • Custom IDOC integration for EDI invoicing
  • Ability to set dispute statuses for discrepancies found
  • Invoice file upload capabilities for Excel format
  • Ability to report discrepancies back to carriers
  • Ability to set approval status by operations group
  • Released invoices automatically to create accounting document